Why don’t you provide a return envelope with the sewer bills?

In an effort to help keep operational costs down we have chosen not to include a return envelope for sewer bill payments. We feel that the percentage of envelopes that would actually be utilized would be minor compared to the number that would be sent out quarterly, resulting in money spent on envelopes that are never used. We do offer several payment options for your sewer utility bill that do not require an envelope and stamp: 

1.) Pay your bill at Village Hall 

2.) Pay your bill using our Direct Payment plan – your payment can be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. 

3.) Pay your bill using your banks online bill payment process. 

4.) Pay your bill by electronic check or credit card through Point & Pay by visiting our website at www.mtpleasantwi.gov and going to the Sewer and Plumbing Department page. There is a nominal convenience fee charged by Point & Pay for this option. Credit Cards: $4.50 fee for $131.02 paid. E-Checks: Up to $10,000 paid is a flat fee of $1.50, over $10,000 paid is a flat fee of $10.00.

5.) Pay over the phone by credit card by calling (855) 414-3914.  Credit Cards: Fee charged. 

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