Pike River Corridor and Pathway

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The Pike River Corridor consists of Village-owned lands or lands associated with conservation easements located along the Pike River, which is centrally located within the Village from north to south. The Village owns these lands for conservancy purposes, but the corridor also includes fishing areas and the Pike River Pathway, a multiuse trail that currently extends from Old Spring Street to CTH KR. These lands were acquired as part of the Pike River project, an ecologically based watershed restoration and management plan for the Pike River watershed. The project is focused on increasing public education of the watershed area, protecting and restoring the river corridor, increasing and improving recreational access, increasing protected open space within the watershed, and achieving applicable water quality standards.

The site encompasses 339 acres, including 36 acres over which the Village has as easement. About 110 acres of secondary environmental corridor are included within Village ownership.

Public access points with parking are at the following locations:

  • Old Spring Street (East of Airline Road – near 7330 Old Spring Street)
  • Timmer Lane (Just southwest of 48 Timmer Lane)
  • Oakes Road (At Lannon Terrace)
  • Oakes Road (Near 7220 Mariner Drive)
  • Washington Avenue (NE corner of Case High School parking lot at 7345 Washington Avenue)
  • Willow Road (at Racine County Trail/SC Johnson Waxdale – near 2610 Willow Road)
  • Durand Avenue (east of Cottage Drive – near 7612 Durand Avenue)

Bike Repair Stations

There are two bike repair stations located on the pathway at the following locations:

  • Oakes Road (at Lannon Terrace)
  • East of Willow Road at the intersection of the pathway and Racine County Trail

The station is equipped with retractable tools and a bike pump to allow cyclists to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance. 

Bike Repair Station - MTP
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