Report a Problem

To register a complaint or report an ordinance violation to the Village, please fill out the Municipal Complaint Form (Link) below. Hard copies can be scanned and returned to Lisa Olley (Email Lisa), or mailed back to the Village:

Village of Mount Pleasant
Attention: Lisa Olley
8811 Campus Drive
Mount Pleasant, WI 53406

For questions and contact information, see the table below. If the maintenance issue or concern is an emergency, please call 911.

Problem/Concern Department Contact Information
Pothole or street damage. Public Works Email Public Works
Overgrown weeds and grass. Public Works Email Public Works
Trash pickup issues. Advanced Disposal 1-800-232-0860
Report a nuisance animal.
Police Department
Report illegal burning.
South Shore Fire Department
Email the Fire Department
Report blighted property.
Community Development & Planning
Email Community Development and Planning
Drainage or flooding issue.
Storm Water
Email Storm Water
Report a sewer backup.
Sewer & Plumbing
AFTER HOURS sewer backup.
Sewer & Plumbing (Racine)
For all other non-emergency issues.
Email the Village