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Posted on: June 29, 2020


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Central Racine County Health Department


(Updated 6/28/2020)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rendered a decision on May 13, 2020 which allowed businesses to open. This has left our community in a precarious position on many fronts. If we are not careful, our case rate may increase. If our COVID-19 cases surge, our hospitals may be overwhelmed, and we may experience an increase in preventable deaths. These are all unacceptable outcomes for our community. We must protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

Recommendations for opening are based on overall community transmission and the associated risk to community members. As community risk increases or decreases, so may the chance of someone being infected. As we learn more about disease transmission in various settings and the susceptibility of various populations, recommendations in this document will change. Information in this document is intended to help mitigate risk, but risk cannot be entirely eliminated even with mitigation steps in place. Of note, opening at any level may have benefits but carries the potential for unintentional harm.

Central Racine County Health Department (CRCHD) utilizes burden (case rate) over 14 days to identify the current risk category. These data will be updated weekly and are on the CRCHD website. There are other metrics which may be added into the risk equation in the future, including ones that CRCHD currently tracks such as disease trajectory, diagnostic testing capacity, healthcare system capacity, and public health capacity.

Important measures that everyone should take to mitigate the spread of infection to protect individuals in the pre-vaccine environment include:

• Using nonmedical face covering

• Implementing school and worksite screening for symptoms of COVID-19

• Incorporating engineering controls such as physical barriers where possible

• Re-configuring space to enable people to be located apart (ideally, at least 6 feet)

• Cleaning and disinfecting often according to CDC guidance

• Posting signage to promote physical distancing and use of face coverings

• Ensuring people with symptoms of COVID-19 stay home and call their healthcare provider

• Washing hands frequently; covering your cough, avoiding touching your face; disinfecting frequently touched objects

• Following Central Racine County Health Department isolation and quarantine orders

Note: People over age 65 and/or with underlying medical conditions may need to take additional precautions and should consult with their medical provider before going into the public, work, or other setting.

Recommendations by Activity and Sector:

• Recommendations for Individuals (page 2)

• Recommendations for Schools, Childcare Centers, Summer Camps (pages 3-4)

• Recommendations for Businesses, Workplaces, Faith & Spiritual Communities Settings (pages 5-6)

• Recommendations for Recreational Activities and Mass Gatherings (pages 7-8)

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