Snow Removal

Snow and ice control in the Village of Mount Pleasant is a joint effort by all Public Works Department personnel. The Village is divided into twelve routes and covers over 130 miles of roads and right-of-way. Private roads are plowed by their respective owners. State and County highways in Mount Pleasant are plowed by Racine County Public Works

Find a list of State-owned and County-owned roads in Mount Pleasant here

Mount Pleasant Plow Trucks 2023

Snow and Ice Removal Policies

The occupants or owners of every building, tenement, or premises fronting any street within the Village, and the owners of any unoccupied building or premise fronting on any street in the Village, shall keep the sidewalks adjoining such premises reasonably free and clear of snow and ice. After and during every snow, such persons shall clear the snow from such sidewalks before 10:00 a.m. of each day. No snow or ice shall be placed upon any street, alley, highway, road, sidewalk, or crosswalk. 

View Snow and Ice Ordinances for the Village here. 

Snow Emergencies

Snow emergencies are declared when significant snowfall is predicted in the area and to allow the Village to perform snow-clearing operations as quickly as possible. If a snow emergency is declared in the Village, parking restrictions go into effect until the emergency is expired or is canceled. During a snow emergency: 

  • If your street IS signed as alternate parking, the alternate parking rules apply during the emergency. 
  • If your street IS NOT signed as alternate parking, vehicles are prohibited from parking on any street, highway, cul-de-sac, or alley in the Village. 

View the Snow Emergency Ordinances for the Village here

Fire Hydrants and Roadway Inlets

Roadway inlets should be kept clear of snow and ice to reduce the risk of roadway flooding during heavy rain events and snow melting. If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, please take the time to clear snow from around the hydrant to ensure quick access during an emergency. 


Snow removal operations may occasionally damage mailboxes. The Village will replace your damaged mailbox with a mailbox and support approved by the U.S. Postal Service. Mailboxes with non-typical steel supports or masonry are not permitted in the right-of-way as they are considered an obstruction. 

To report a damaged mailbox, contact the Public Works Department at (262) 664-7844 or submit the report online here