Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan serves as the guiding principle for the future of the Village. The plan helps to establish goals, objectives, and strategies to make significant and measurable improvements. The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is developed around the mission, vision, and values.

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 The Village is dedicated to providing its citizens and businesses with high-quality municipal services in a positive, responsive, sustainable, and affordable manner.

The Village will become one of the Midwest’s most desirable, welcoming, and dynamic communities in which to live and do business through its provision of fiscally responsible, innovative municipal services, balanced growth, and forward-thinking leadership.


  1. Respect: Treat everyone in a caring, empathetic, fair, and welcoming manner.
  2. Collaboration:   Working within an outside the organization and community in a positive and harmonious manner.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility:  Providing services in an affordable, proficient, and sustainable manner.
  4. Innovation:   Addressing current and future challenges in a creative, forward-thinking, adaptable, realistic, and responsive manner.
  5. Professionalism:  Providing responsible government emphasizing accountability, integrity, and ethics.
  6. Transparency:   Maintaining high-quality, complete, open, honest, appropriate, and responsive communications.
  7. Safety:   Protecting and sustaining citizens, property, and the environment.