Turf Management Info & Schedule

This plan sets standards for turf quality; establish acceptable policies and procedures to maintain turf quality; and control the need for chemical treatment of turf areas. The village will accomplish this plan by: 

  1. Giving preference to non-chemical means of trimming or controlling weeds. 
  2. Placing greater than five-inch mulching rings around trees two years after the village plants a tree to lessen the need for string trimming and herbicide use. 
  3. Utilizing the spot application method of herbicides versus the broadcast application. 
  4. Applying selective herbicides on an as-needed basis instead of yearly. 
  5. Reducing the number of areas that have received occasional herbicide application. 
  6. Proper mowing and fertilization techniques. 
  7. Better education of maintenance staff that use herbicides or deal with contractor negotiations. 
  8. Exploring, testing, and implementing alternative methods of turf management, particularly methods designed to reduce the use of herbicides. 

The full management plan is available below.

Treatment Schedule - Dates are weather dependent

Park Week of Treatment Area
Sheridan Woods Week of May 15 Athletic Play Area
Stewart-McBride Week of May 15 Softball Fields/Shelter
Smolenski  Week of May 15 Athletic Play Area/Pavilion
Drozd Week of May 15 Athletic Play Area/Shelter
Campus Park  Week of October 16 Softball Fields (2) & Cricket Pitch