Park Reservations & Permits

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New Online Parks and Recreation Registration and Facilities Software

The Village of Mount Pleasant is excited to announce a transition to a new Parks and Recreation registration software called MyRec beginning February 6, 2023.

MyRec allows citizens to search for and submit reservation requests for community facilities conveniently online, including pavilions, shelters, and the new Parks and Recreation Community Room. The site is mobile-friendly, which allows users to enjoy all of the MyRec features directly from their smartphone or tablet.

The village requires a household account created in MyRec to request facilities and register for programs. Citizens can create their account by visiting and clicking the “New Account” button. Once the household account is created and members of the household are added to the account, family members can log in to explore programs, register for available activities, and make reservation requests. Citizens without an account still have the option to explore program and facility offerings. We encourage citizens to check out this new site and create their account.

The village hopes this transition allows for more flexibility and a more convenient Parks and Recreation registration and reservation experience for our community. If paper application is submitted, the information will be used to create a household account in MyRec and information will be emailed to the applicant. Applications will not be accepted if any field is left blank. Allow two (2) business days to process.

Reservations can be made for the current calendar year only. If your rental is for a wedding, please call the Park and Recreation Office at 262-664-7840 to make appropriate arrangements concerning rental dates.

Park Permit Application and Rules

Park Reservation Forms

Special Events at Mount Pleasant Parks

What Requires A Special Event Permit?

A Special Event Permit Application must be completed, processed, and approved, including payment, to reserve an outdoor park space, parkway or park road for any of the following:

  • A public event, e.g., outreach, rally, promotional event, or religious event;
  • Bike race, bike ride, cross country meet, walk or run;
  • Outside event with amplified music or a speaker system;
  • Outdoor park space that is not designated as an athletic field or picnic area.

Do not complete this form if you are interested in reserving the following places. Please contact the Mount Pleasant Village Hall to place your reservation.

  • Picnic area for a private function
  • Athletic field

If you are uncertain as to whether or not you should complete the attached Special Event Permit Application, please contact the Village Hall at 262-664-7800.

Smolenski Park

Smolenski Park is a 72-acre community park located in the north-central portion of the Village. Facilities at the park include a sandlot softball diamond, a playfield, a playground, a basketball goal, a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, picnic areas, open-air shelters, and appropriate support facilities, including parking and restrooms. The park also provides hiking trails and includes woodlands, wetlands, and a pond within a 39-acre isolated natural resource area.

 Each Section*
All Sections (3)
*Section rentals only available on weekdays

All reservations require a $75 deposit

Smolenski Park Pavilion

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Stewart-McBride Park

Stewart-McBride Park is a 16-acre community park centrally located in the Village adjacent to STH 11. Facilities at this site include two league softball diamonds, a playfield, a playground, two sand volleyball courts, hiking trails, picnic areas, and appropriate support facilities, including parking, restrooms, and a shelter.

South Shelter Add-on $25
*Weekday shelter rentals not available during softball games

All reservations require $75 security deposit

Stewart-McBride Park Shelter

IMG_0347 (2)

Drozd Park

Drozd Park is located off of Newman Road and the facilities at this site include a playground, playfield, walking trail, portable restroom, and a sand volleyball court.  This shelter does not have access to electricity or water. Max capacity 40. No permits will be issued for groups of more than 40. 

All reservations require $50 security deposit

Drozd Park Shelter