Recreation Signage and Donation Program




Dear Friends, For more than 50 years Mount Pleasant has successfully operated park and recreation programs for thousands of children in the greater Racine area. Over the years we have provided a recreational experience for 700+ children. Not only do we provide awesome programs for the children of Mt. Pleasant, but also have a large percentage of children enrolled are from other surrounding communities including Racine, Caledonia and Sturtevant.

Mount Pleasant has a great reputation for its quality recreation programs in the community. Our recreation activities include softball, volleyball, kickball, golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, and playground programs. These programs emphasize sportsmanship, integrity and responsibility as well as providing game fundamentals. We provide recreation league play as opposed to competitive play and provide a family-friendly atmosphere. Many parents with children in the programs once participated in the programs themselves.

With the rising operational costs that the Village is facing, we are seeking corporate and individual sponsorship from outside sources to keep the programs affordable and growing. We need your help! Any money donated will be held in a segregated account specifically designated to provide funding for our recreation programs. I hope you will consider a donation to these worthwhile programs.

This is an excellent program for the children of Racine County and I appreciate your support. If you choose to make a donation we will recognize your generosity in our Mount Pleasant Newsletter that is distributed to 11,000 residents and businesses in Mount Pleasant, on our website and on our Facebook Page: Mount Pleasant Parks and Recreation.

Donor Levels

 Titanium Circle $5,000+  Platinum Circle $1,000+ Diamond Circle $500 - $999.99
 Golden Circle $250 - $499.99
 Silver Circle $125 - $249.99
 Bronze Circle $25 - $124.99

All funds are kept in a segregated account specifically to offset costs and to keep our recreation programs affordable. Individuals or businesses may make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION payable to:
Mount Pleasant Recreation Program, c/o Mount Pleasant Treasurer
 8811 Campus Drive

Racine, WI 53406.

If you or any of your fellow members would like further information in consideration of this

funding request, please feel free to contact me at 262-865-4408 at your convenience.

Thank you very much!

Brittany Bodnar
Mount Pleasant Recreation Director

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