School Resource Officer

The Mount Pleasant Police Department started its School Resources Officer (SRO) position at JI Case High School over 30 years. The SRO’s overall goals are to improve and develop positive relationships with youth, parents, school staff and the community. They also strive to provide a safer school environment by working closely with the school district to solve problems in the school community along with providing law enforcement related curriculum and access to law enforcement officers. 

Over the past three years, the Mount Pleasant Police Department and its SRO have been working closely with the Evergreen Academy Administration to provide ALICE training to staff and students.    

The School Resource Officer actively participates in actives at the high school.  These activities include:

  • ALICE Instructor
  • Substance abuse and prevention classes
  • Underage drinking awareness and prevention classes
  • Truancy prevention and intervention
  • Coordinator for the Case High School Criminology Club

National Association of School Resource Officers