Garbage & Recycling

Special Recycling Events

Mount Pleasant, City of Racine, Sturtevant, North Bay, Elmwood Park, Wind Point, and Caledonia residents may drop off household hazardous waste every third Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., April through October. 6200 21st Street.

Please see below for specific location, times, and dates, as well as accepted materials:


Garbage & Recycling Services

The Village of Mount Pleasant contracts through Advanced Disposal Services for waste disposal and recycling. Should you have a complaint or question regarding their service, please call Advanced Disposal at 1-262-679-0860 and ask for Customer Service. A Customer Care form is also available here. If Advanced Disposal Customer Service fails to help you, please contact the Village at 262-664-7800.


Garbage & Recycling Pickup Schedules

Please review the Garbage & Recycling Collection Zone Map (PDF) for your waste and recycling pick up zone. For more information on garbage and recycling pick-up, including the 2019 pick-up schedule, information related to burning and bulk pick-up, and information on recycling materials and guidelines:


Advanced Disposal Recycling Carts and Garbage Bins

For more information, click here: Trash & Recycling Cart Information (PDF)

Garbage & recycling collection in the Village of Mount Pleasant has switched to fully-automated collection for both trash and recycling.

Single-stream recycling allows you to place all recyclable commodities, such as paper, cardboard, steel, plastic, tin, aluminum and glass, into one collection cart. Place all recyclable material directly into the cart, do not bag them.

In order to assist persons with disabilities, the Village of Mount Pleasant has contracted with Advanced Disposal to provide Walk Up Service to persons who qualify.

Qualified residents must: 

1. Be unable to wheel their cart to the curb for collection.
2. Have no one else who can assist them, such as a spouse or other live-in family member or a personal assistant.
3. Be certified by a physician as needing assistance.
4. Fill out and return the required request for exemption form (PDF).

Send completed exemption forms to:

8811 Campus Drive
Mount Pleasant, WI 53406
262-664-7800 Village Hall
262-664-7801 Fax