"Emergency Services…Above and Beyond"


The South Shore Fire Department Values:

P – Professionalism: We believe our members are ambassadors with an unbreakable bond with the residents of our community; they selflessly serve the public with superior technical skills, compassion, and empathy while continuously striving for excellence.

E – Education: We believe our success is founded in each of us through a continual quest for higher knowledge, personal skills and understanding of the problems we face.

O – Opportunity: We believe in investing our time and intellectual energies in supporting local charities, public safety programs and formal educational opportunities thereby strengthening morale, confidence, consideration for others and the organization as a whole.

P – Pride: We believe our organization is a family where each of us internalizes an optimistic attitude that includes personal accountability, honesty, integrity, self-respect, forgiveness and a sense of community.

L – Leadership: We believe our members are goal-oriented with the initiative to problem solve, make the right decisions and clearly communicate to their brethren in each season of life.

E – Empowerment: We believe that empowerment strengthens our organization by instilling trust and mutual respect for each other and is the cornerstone of everything we do as a team.