Fire Inspections

The purpose of fire inspections in the Villages is to identify and correct any hazards that may exist and could cause a fire or cause a fire to spread. The fire inspection can also identify any conditions that may limit you and someone else's ability to exit from a building if a fire were to occur. It is an opportunity for SSFD team members to educate you and your co-workers on common fire prevention loss methods and equip you to promote a safer work and/or living environment. The fire inspection also allows our department members to become familiar with your building and operations. It is the South Shore Fire Department's desire to provide you with the best level of loss control possible through fire prevention education and cooperative effort.

Code Enforcement

South Shore Fire Department is dedicated to upholding the Codes of Ordinance set out by the Village of Mount Pleasant. See Applications & Permits for copies of the Ordinances, and forms and applications related to the Ordinances.