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The South Shore Consolidated Fire/EMS Department was established January 1, 2009. It is a consolidation of the Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant Fire Departments that was done to standardize responses and training for both Villages, and to save money for both. So far, it has accomplished both of those goals.

The Department is led by Fire Chief Robert W. Stedman, Division Chief Ed Lockhart (Support Services), Battalion Chief Steven Salvo (A Shift Commander & Training Officer), Battalion Chief John Radewan (B Shift Commander & Vehicle Maintenance Director), Battalion Chief Jon Keiser (C Shift Commander & Emergency Medical Services Director), and Jamie Adams (Public Safety Administrative Assistant).

For non-emergency inquiries and communications, please call 262-995-1200.

Smoke Detectors Available

If you are a resident of Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant, or Elmwood Park, the South Shore Fire Department can provide smoke detectors (including installation) at no charge. This program provides free smoke detectors in an effort to increase safety and awareness for families that need or have aging smoke detectors in their homes. An agreement for installation and completion of a home safety inspection are required.

If you are in need of smoke detectors, or need to replace detectors that are five or more years old, please contact: Division Chief Ed Lockhart | 262.995.1211 | Email Ed Lockhart