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Business Emergency Contact Form

  1. Mount Pleasant Police Department 8811 Campus Drive 262 884 0454

  2. Business Information

  3. Does your business have a safe?*

  4. Does your business have an alarm system?*

  5. Is it an audible alarm?*

  6. What type of alarm do you have? (Check all that apply.)*

  7. Does your business have video surveillance?*

  8. Please provide a count of how many cameras are INSIDE the premises and their direction(s).

  9. Please provide a count of how many cameras are on the EXTERIOR of the premises and their direction(s).

  10. Please provide a list of contact telephone numbers for contact person(s) in the event of an alarm. List them in the order that you would like them contacted. For reach person, list Name/Address/Home Telephone #/Cell #/Date of Birth


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