The South Shore Consolidated Fire/EMS Department was established January 1, 2009. It is a consolidation of the Mt. Pleasant and Sturtevant Fire Departments that was done to standardize responses/training for both villages and to save money for both. So far, it has accomplished both of those goals.

The department is led by Fire Chief Wm. R. Bouma, Division Chief Mark Pierce (Support Services), Battalion Chief Steven Salvo (A Shift Commander & Training Officer), Battalion Chief Garret Kaminskis (B Shift Commander & Vehicle Maintenance Director), Battalion Chief Jon Keiser (C Shift Commander & Emergency Medical Services Director), and Lori Swenson (Public Safety Assistant).

The department has Fifty-Two (52) members who work on one of three shifts: A, B, or C and work Fifty-Six (56) hours per week on the average. The department has Thirty-Five (35) Paramedics and the rest are Emergency Medical Technicians. (Anyone that is hired in the future will have WI Firefighter II and Paramedic as requirements to apply.) We also have a Half-Time Mechanic.

All of our personnel cross-staff apparatus: either an ambulance – engine, or an ambulance – truck, dependent upon the nature of the call. We often have off-duty battalion chiefs and chief officers responding from home during difficult calls, or structure fires to help mitigate the situation and help the Incident Commander, or to provide Safety Officer functions.

The department and both villages are members of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) which provides and receives mutual aid at no additional cost to the members. There are now thirty-six MABAS Divisions in the State of Wisconsin. MABAS is not designed to take place of normal day to day responses for member departments, but to add depth to mutual aid or to add standby coverage for a community that has been stripped of its ability to respond to further emergencies in their jurisdiction. Each community is responsible for their own first line of defense. You must be able to share your resources to be able to receive them from others when it is “your bad day.”


“Emergency Services…Above and Beyond”


The South Shore Fire Department Values:

P – Professionalism:  We believe our members are ambassadors with an unbreakable bond with the residents of our community; they selflessly serve the public with superior technical skills, compassion, and empathy while continuously striving for excellence.

E – Education:  We believe our success is founded in each of us through a continual quest for higher knowledge, personal skills and understanding of the problems we face.

O – Opportunity:  We believe in investing our time and intellectual energies in supporting local charities, public safety programs and formal educational opportunities thereby strengthening morale, confidence, consideration for others and the organization as a whole.

P – Pride:  We believe our organization is a family where each of us internalizes an optimistic attitude that includes personal accountability, honesty, integrity, self-respect, forgiveness and a sense of community.

L – Leadership:  We believe our members are goal-oriented with the initiative to problem solve, make the right decisions and clearly communicate to their brethren in each season of life.

E – Empowerment:  We believe that empowerment strengthens our organization by instilling trust and mutual respect for each other and is the cornerstone of everything we do as a team.



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