Pike River Pathway

Pike River Banner
The Pike River Pathway is an off road 10' wide asphalt recreational trail that extends north/south through the center of the Village, providing access to hundreds of acres of the reconstructed Pike River corridor. The Village of Mount Pleasant Stormwater Utility began the restoration of this 5.5 mile corridor in 2001, and completed the channel work in 2017.

The trail's northern end begins at Old Spring Street and currently terminates just south of Durand Avenue. In 2018, the pathway will extend to Hwy KR (Kenosha County).  Public access points are at the following locations: 
  • Old Spring Street (east of Airline Road)
  • Timmer Lane (southern terminus)
  • Oakes Road (at Mariner Drive 
  • Washington Avenue (at Case High School)
  • Willow Road (at Racine County Trail/SCJ Waxdale)
  • Durand Avenue (east of Cottage Drive)