Storm Water Drainage Utility

The Village of Mount Pleasant Storm Water Drainage Utility District was formed in 1998 by the Village Board, which sought to create a Utility by dissolving the former Storm Water Drainage District. The Utilities Commission governs the activities of the Utility. The Commission employs the Director of Public Works as its primary source for technical assistance relating to projects and day-to-day activities pertaining to the Utility. The Director of Public Works is assisted by the Deputy Director of Public Works, an Engineering Technician and various consultant engineering firms. 

  1. 2022 Storm Water Project Information

2022 Prescribed Burn

The prescribed burn is scheduled for Spring, between early April and mid-May. Weather and ground conditions must be ideal for the burn to take place. Updates will be posted on the Village website and Facebook page the day of the burn. 

Phase 2 - Pike River Corridor north of HWY 20 just past the western terminus of Mariner Drive

Phase 7 - Pike River Corridor north of Braun Road to the southern terminus of Oakes Road

Heartland Ecological Group Inc. is working in conjunction with officials from the Mount Pleasant Police, Fire, and Engineering Departments to ensure this burn meets the ecological goals and minimizes risks to public health and safety. Please do not contact emergency services yourself as this may tie up the dispatch center if there is a real emergency.

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Kraut Road Storm Sewer Project 2022

In response to ongoing flooding issues in the area, this Village project includes the installation of a new storm sewer system on the north side of Kraut Road, between Robert Street and Northwestern Avenue (CTH H). 

The new system will cross under Kraut Road and continue south to Hoods Creek. Project specs include installation of 1172 LF of storm sewer, consisting of 24- and 36-inch concrete pipes, and 2400 SY of landscape restoration.Final completion of the Kraut Road Storm Sewer Project is projected for late summer. This schedule may be affected due to weather and other conditions. To learn more about the project or to receive updates, please contact the Village of Mount Pleasant Engineering Department at (262) 664-7800.

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