Public Works


The Public Works Department provides a safe environment for drivers and their families by maintaining our roads and adjacent right of ways.

For questions regarding garbage and waste collection or special pickups, please call GFL Environmental (formerly Advanced Disposal) at 1-262-679-0860.


Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM


8700 Campus Drive
Mount Pleasant, WI 53406

Oil and Antifreeze Drop-Off

Residents may drop off used oil and antifreeze at the waste drop off site, located at the Public Works Building (8700 Campus Drive).

Directions: Go to the Village Campus at 8811 Campus Drive. Follow Campus Drive to the Public Works Building. Use the south driveway and follow the signs to the drop-off area.


The Oakes Road Reconstruction project will reconstruct Oakes Road from 16th Street north to the southern access point of J. I. Case High School.

Within this reconstruction area, sidewalks will be added along the west side and the east side from Warwick Way north.

From the J. I. Case High School southern access point north to Washington Avenue, sidewalks will be designed on both the west and east sides.

The Pike River crosses Oakes Road between J. I. Case High School and 16th Street and currently does not provide an adequate fish passageway along with the existing roadway having substandard horizontal geometrics, including non-standard taper rates and a trap lane in the northbound direction.

As part of the project, in order to correct the geometric deficiencies along with providing fish passage under Oakes Road, the project will expand the existing cross section, convert from rural to urban section and replace the Pike River structure.

North of the J. I. Case High School access, the existing section is anticipated to remain, with consideration given to revising the existing pavement marking, providing more delineated lanes and channelizing traffic.

Oakes Road-PIM Exhibit-Plan Sheet 64x30 flat 5-2021
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